Alexander Simms Sports is an independently owned and operated business dedicated to bringing quality sport clothing /equipment and services to residents of the Bay St. George area. The business is named after Martin Alexander and Gordon Simms grandfathers of store owner Mike G. Alexander.

Gordon Simms was born on Pass Island, Hermitage Bay on March 20, 1925. He moved to Stephenville in 1942 to work on construction of the Ernest Harmon Air Force Base and later took a job with the Base Fire Department. In 1945 he began working in the Mess Hall where he excelled and before long worked his way to the position of Chief Cook. He eventually transferred to the Base Bakery and was promoted to the position of Supervisor until the Base closed.

While working on the Base, he established himself as a successful businessman in the Stephenville area. He owned and managed a convenience store, was a distributor for Canada Dry drinks, fished commercially for salmon, and owned several rental properties. Gordon was a very hard working man who worked from early in the morning to late in the evening but it was his generosity and kindness which endeared him to others. When he did have some free time, he loved the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing and family picnics. His three favorite local rivers for salmon fishing were Robinsons, Flat Bay, and Fischels and he loved being near the salt water because it reminded him of Pass Island, where he grew up.

Martin Alexander was born in Kippens, Newfoundland on August 30, 1918. In his youth, he played baseball, boxed, fished, swam and played with his friends. He always enjoyed the outdoors and loved to go berry picking, fishing, hunting, and camping. After retiring from the Department of Highways as a heavy duty mechanic at the age of 65, he joined the local Tae Kwon Do Club in Stephenville and, at the age of 68, became the oldest man in Canada to attain a black belt. In just 3 short years later, he attained his second degree black belt and solidified his status as an icon in Tae Kwon Do and in the local community. Despite his athletic accomplishments, he is, and always will be best known for his warm and welcoming smile, his playful sense of humor and his generous, kind hearted personality.

While the name of the store is a tribute to these exceptional Newfoundland men, Mike J. Alexander (my father) and Shirley M. (Simms) Alexander, were major influences in shaping the physical location of the business and making the business concept a reality. Without their dedication, hard work and continued support, Alexander Simms Sports would not exist.

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